Further Reading

Programmed-Aging.org  – Site containing extensive information about aging theories, especially programmed aging theories.

www.azinet.com/aging/ – Books, ebooks, and journal articles on aging theories by Theodore C. Goldsmith

Introduction to Biological Aging Theory 2nd Ed – ISBN-13 978-0-9788709-1-1 (2014) 44pp. Free PDF format e-book. Also available in various formats from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.

The Evolution of Aging: How New Theories Will Change the Future of Medicine – Theodore C. Goldsmith  ISBN: 978-0-9788709-5-9  3nd ed.  print edition.  FREE eBook (PDF) Edition

Anti-Aging Medicine: How we can Live Longer and Healthier Lives – (2021) Theodore C. Goldsmith ISBN 0978870964  print edition.  FREE eBook PDF edition.