New Book – Anti-Aging Medicine

Anti-Aging Medicine: How We Can Extend Lifespan and Live Longer and Healthier Lives – Theodore C. Goldsmith

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We can slow aging!  Until recently it was widely thought that human aging was an unalterable fact of life.  However, exciting new theories and supporting evidence now tell us that aging is a treatable condition! This book describes the history and current status of scientific thinking on aging and anti-aging medicine.  

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  1. position statement signed by 51 scientists ( Olshansky et al., 20 ) was the most publicized but not the only effort to distance the field of gerontological science from anti-aging medicine. Although different types of strategies have been employed in these efforts, one common goal has been to ensure that the hard-won respectability attained by the community of gerontological researchers not be tainted by the anti-aging movement. As the position statement acknowledges, “Our concern is that when proponents of antiaging medicine claim that the fountain of youth has already been discovered, it negatively affects the credibility of serious scientific research efforts on aging” ( Olshansky et al., 20, p. B295). One approach to maintaining the legitimacy of research on aging has been to invent new terminology to describe its possible benefits. As some gerontological researchers put it in a letter to

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